Rainwater catchment

Auriquímica® has a cistern for rainwater collection. We use the water from this reservoir for external cleaning, garden irrigation and other activities that do not require drinking water. The use of rainwater helps to reduce the consumption of drinking (or treated) water, contributing to a more conscious and sustainable consumption.

Reverse logistics

Concerned about the growing exploitation of natural resources, Auriquímica® has a partnership with Goodpack in the use of returnable metal pallets, contributing to the reduction in the consumption of wood pallets and protection of the environment.

Zero Pellet Program – OCS®

Auriquímica® is implementing the "Zero Pellet Program – OCS®" in its units. The program is a set of good practices within the plastics production chain, whose objective is to eliminate the loss of pellets (plastic granules) to the environment in the processes of storage, handling and transport, avoiding contamination of the oceans. By adopting the Zero Pellet Program, companies in the sector will contribute in an innovative way to improving the quality of the marine environment.     

Assistance to environmental emergencies

All our drivers have an Operational Movement of Hazardous Products – MOPP and are prepared to meet the most varied adverse situations that can occur in the transport of dangerous products, reducing any accidents that may cause damage to communities and the environment.

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